Monday, May 01, 2006

Easter Saturday Sleepover Crafts

Here are a few more items that we made over the Easter weekend with some of Katie's friends.

The felt chicks above were made from a kit which I purchased from a company called PANDURO. I cut out the shapes and the girls managed very well to sew them together with a basic short running stitch. The chicks were stuffed with fibrefill and seed beads were then glued on for the eyes and a small bit of felt for the beaks.

The girls had fun using my craft box materials to make the creatures below. Artistic license was in play here and I particularly like the penguin, spider and frog. These were made with polystyrene shapes, tissue paper, pipe cleaners (chenille stems), googly eyes and glue.

The girls age from 9 - 13 and have wonderful imaginations. It was a fun and productive evening.

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