Saturday, June 03, 2006

Magic Loop Knitting

Apparently there's a technique called Magic Loop where you use a pair of long circular needles to knit a small piece of work in the round. I'm obviously a genius as I've been using this technique for ages now without realising it had a name, or that it was in fact a technique. Being a thrifty knitter I like to make use of what I have in my craft box/bag and if I don't have the needles to fit the project, I encourage the project to fit the needles. A bit risky in general but considering I'm only working on simple projects such as bags, booties and scarves, it's not a huge problem for me, yet.

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Anonymous said...

ohh i love the magic loop.. I knit all my socks and hats in the magic loop.. its a great trick.. I do the say with making my projects fit the needles instead of the other way around *lol*