Thursday, June 22, 2006

New Look & Blog Resources: Part 2

What can I say. I've been at it again. Why? I was getting reports from some people that my right-hand sidebar had 'slipped' down the page when they viewed my blog in Firefox and Safari. Whereas my browser is Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and it works just fine.

As I would like people to continue to visit my blog and therefore be able to read the content, I figured it wouldn't hurt to change it, again. I chose a template from Thur's Templates (there are a handful of templates which work with Blogger). If other bloggers can use the templates without problems then why shouldn't I at least have a go!

So here I am four hours later (and the rest) and I've pretty much finished loading up all my links, buttons, graphics etc... That's the worst part over but as I have done it a few times I'm getting better at it! I still have to pretty it up and change some of the formatting/layouts, but I am generally happy with it as it stands. I want to add some graphics, including a header - perhaps a photo of my newly dyed wool??

I do hope you can all see my blog as it is meant to be seen. For those of you who can't, then I'm really not sure what to do. Perhaps you could kindly e-mail me if you have any trouble. I would appreciate your feedback/comments after all my hard, exhausting, tiring, draining, cross-eye making, yet surprisingly enjoyable work!

Thanks for visiting....come back soon. Bernie X

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Fantastic new look, you are a clever girl and obviously very patient.