Saturday, July 01, 2006

B4 Bag knit, felted and drying as we speak...

Here she is - my latest work of art. My B4 Bag is knit, felted and drying out as we speak. I am extremely pleased with this little beauty. It's the first time I have a) knit bobbles, b) knit with beads, c) created bump rows on my needles and d) created such a lovely I-cord handle.

I absoultely love this bag. It took me 5 days to knit and I enjoyed every minute of it. It took about 250yds of wool at most, and that includes the handles! I imagined that with the bumps, bobbles and twisted I-cords it would be a wool thirsty project but not so.

The bag felted beautifully and I have been rewarded with a lovely firm fabric. Even the handles are standing up (which is a first for me as my I-cords are usually impotent!). I am a bit of a wreckless felter and rarely check the progress once I put it in the washing machine. It's such a fun process: pop in an elephant and out pops a mouse! Ok, it's not that extreme but I still like the surprise at the end.

There will be additional information about my bag available on the B4 Bag KAL.

So, enjoy the pictures of the FO and if you would like a copy of the pattern, please visit the B4 Bag Site, which incidentally, is owned by Trish Bloom aka Knitiot. Purchase and contact details are available there, together with photos of even more finished bags.


Sharon said...

Love the bag and I have just this minute ordered the pattern for my very first felting attempt ;)

craftybernie said...

Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it. If you need any help don't be a stranger. Good luck!