Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Holiday Piccies

I've loaded the photos from our brief stay in Port Erin onto Flickr.com (all 7 of them!) and here's the LINK. After all, we do live on a small island and one town by the sea looks just like the next to me!

Here's a nice evening pic of Bradda Head which Mr CB took one evening when we were watching/listening to the Astley Youth Band on the Green in Port Erin. It was very chilly but lots of fun. I think Little Miss CB had 3 sweaters on her and a blanket and she was STILL cold. Kids huh!

To summarise, we had a nice apartment, some great Chinese food, a steam train ride for Mr CB and Little Miss CB, a return boat trip to the Calf of Man with a few seals thrown in, some swimming and lots of great views.

I'm glad to be home though. Nothing quite like your own bed!


PS - I managed to unblock the toilet, just in time for Little Miss CB to throw up in it! Talk about a reality check.


alliesw said...

Nice pictures. Glad your holiday was good--and that settling in at home goes well!

Artis-Anne said...

Love the sunset photo. I have only been IOM once and I loved it, so much to see for a little island