Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Patons Jasmine DK 50/50 mohair/acrylic - HELP!

I bought this wool in the charity shop a few weeks ago. It's Patons Jasmine DK and is a 50/50 mohair/acrylic blend.

I have six 50g balls of the stuff. Does anybody have any patterns suitable for this type of wool? I've been searching the web for hours now and I'm stumped. I did try knitting the liesel scarf with this wool but it didn't work well.

I would prefer a scarf or bag pattern but anything would be helpful.
Thanks everyone....Bernie


alliesw said...

What weight is it? Lion Brand (www.lionbrand.com) has a mohair acrylic blend called Moonlight Mohair....it's a bulky weight. They do have some free patterns on their site that use it. Hope this is some help!

Anonymous said...

Six balls, hm? You could do a bulky type of shawl, if you're in the mood for shawls. I think a vest would be nice, it's the season for vests this fall!

- MJ