Sunday, August 13, 2006

Royal Manx Agricultural Show: Gallery

I've set up a small gallery on with photos from the show yesterday. There are only a few photos in the gallery so it won't take long to go through them. You can either click on the flickr badge in the sidebar or click here.

It was a great experience entering the show and I'm sure we'll be entering again next year. However I'll make sure we have plenty of time to enjoy all the demonstrations and displays next time.
Lace Making
We saw the following demonstrations: felt making, spinning, tatting and lacemaking. One of the lace exhibitors had her very young grandchild on her lap (probably about a 18 months old) and she was moving the lace bobbins around while her grandma counted. It was really sweet. Catch them young, that's what I always say!

Rainbows, fairies & butterfliesThe chairperson of the embroidery guild was making felt in the exhibition tent and it was great to see. I meant to get a photo but somebody muscled in. I've never seen felting in the flesh before. Only in magazines or books. The chairperson was very chatty and kindly explained the process.

We popped into the the Women's Institute (WI) tent to look at their displays. Each year they choose a theme and this year it was 'Rainbows, butterflies and fairies'. I only liked this display. The others weren't my cup of tea.

In addition to the displays in the WI tent, there was a lady spinning on a modern wheel, rather effortlessly I might add. I didn't appreciate that the quality of the wool wool varied from the sheep's shoulders down to the legs. You learn something new every day!

My FIL's partner entered the produce section and won first prize for her profiteroles and scones. In addition, she won 2nd prize for her plated apple tart.

So, it was a good day out all around.

Here is a picture of all the items that we entered into the Arts & Crafts classes:

Crochet Amigurumi Chick & Crochet Bag Drawing of fruit bowl and felt pin cushion Felted bags, Knit bag & Amigurumi Amineko Liesel scarf & Lengthways scarf

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Laura said...

Hey, look at all your awards....way to go, Bernie! I just love Ceefer leaning on his elbow ready for the judging. :)