Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CSV - Make a difference day

The Community Service Volunteer Organisation has a 'Make a difference day' every year to promote volunteer activities within the community. I registered last year to knit preemie baby clothes but never got round to doing it for various reasons. However this year I want to do something.

There are loads of things people can do to raise awareness such as hosting your own mini games, becoming a greener gardener or a fairtrade cook and my favourite, Knit Your Community Together. The CSV site has lots more ideas but I'm sticking with the knitting route.

As our hospital would like small knit blankets for the baby unit, I would like to tie this activity in with National Knitting Week. At the moment I can't find any knitting activities registered with CSV for the Isle of Man so apart from a few ladies that I'm aware of on the Angel Yarns knitting forums, I am alone in this!.

TheMake a Difference Day is due to be held on 28 October but as the CSV campaign runs from 21 October to 4 November, I thought I would do something on 21 October which falls on National Knitting Week.

Off I toodle to look for volunteers and resources. Speaking of resources, the hospital has asked for baby blankets in natural fibres but I imagine that they're looking more for cotton than for wool. Has anybody made baby blankets and what did they use? I'd love some ideas on this one.


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alliesw said...

Good for you knitting for good! I need to do more of it! I've never used cotton to make a baby blanket, but have been working on the Baby Kimono is Mason Dixon Knitting, which is made with Sugar and Cream (do you have Sugar & Cream in the UK? It's what most people in the US seem to use for making dishcloths, and it does soften up nicely when washed).