Monday, September 04, 2006

Lion Brand: Self-lined bag

See! I really have been knitting in the wings. Here's my version of the Striped Self-lined Bag by Lion Brand. I used just under four 50g balls of Rowan All Seasons Cotton in shade 164.

I was originally going to knit this bag with the Ohhh, Bag Me KAL but never got round to it. The finished dimensions of my bag are 12" x 8", slightly bigger than the pattern specified. However, as I knit the bag in cotton rather than Lion Brand suede cashmere (thanks Laura!) there was bound to be a difference.

I crochet the handles for this bag instead of knitting I-cords, as I usually do. The bag is a bit soft and floppy, and I'm wondering if the suede yarn would have made a firmer bag? Hmmm!

Anyway, here it is modelled by the hand of the lovely Little Miss CB (while eating cheese)!

EDIT 05/09: Oops... forgot to put on the button. Doh!


Procrastiknitter said...

Loving IT!!! Thinking about making it for my mother for Christmas. Thanks for the pic, it's gorgeous!

Laura said...

Hi Bernie,
LOVE your bag! I think I may actually have to make myself one of those! Actually, I noticed the pattern says cashmere -- which would probably be even floppier than cotton! It really doesn't look floppy though, I think it's very cute.

alliesw said...

Nice bag! I have solved my floppy bag problem in some cases by carrying around a journal pad in close to the same size--adds a bit of weight, but also structure (and something to write on!)

Jeanne said...

Very cute! Great color, and I think the size is nice.

AR said...

That's a great bag! Nice work!

Ana said...

What do you think they mean by "self-lining"?

Just that you do not put lining? I looked at the pattern and it does not explain.

The color choice is really nice but I don't thing I would like it if it's soft and floppy. Maybe you could line it with a stiffer fabric to give it more body.