Saturday, September 30, 2006

Monster-A-Long (holloween themed ? Along)

Got kids? Young at heart? Enjoy Holloween? Then maybe this is for you....

I signed up for this. It's a small craft along called 'Monster-a-long'. At first glance I thought it might have been a crochet/knit along for the monster-in-law poncho from Crystal Palace Yarns. Duh! It's actually:

...a knit-along, crochet-along, sew-along, and any other craft-along that will focus on creating creatures, diguises, and decorations for Halloween. I hope this will bring out the inner mad scientist in all of us! It will begin October 1st and end at Midnight, October 31st

I love Tim Burton so I would like to have a go at making something from either 'A Nightmare Before Christmas' or 'The Corpse Bride'. I may even use my new found Amigurumi skills and crochet up a mean looking bear or two!

Failing that, I'm sure I've got a piece of knitting somewhere in my stash that would probably qualify as a 'monster'. :P

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Ruth said...

Sounds like fun - my DD ordered up a Spiderman mask a while ago, but.... I dunno.