Wednesday, October 04, 2006

ISE III - Plaid scarf

I've chosen the plaid scarf based on its popularity. Thank you for helping me choose (regulars & ISEIII members, I thank you).

First repeat done. 999,999 to go (or thereabouts!) - time for happy dance - but I nearly gave up though. It only took me, um, 12 hours to get the first repeat done and I lost count of how many times I frogged the darn thing. I really love both of these scarves but the plaid definitely has a majority win.

I'm using the merino wool from the ISEIII stash (pink, green, dk green and winter white). I'm not delighted with the winter white for the main background colour. But it actually shows up the other colours best: out of the swatches I did, the white background was prettiest. Definitely not practical but it looks good!

This is the 4th (& last) scarf I'm working on for the ISE III. I really need to be more assertive with my yarn!

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