Saturday, October 07, 2006

ISE III - Reality Check

OMG - I've just re-read the rules, and scarves are supposed to be RECEIVED by 1st November. EEEK! No panic. No panic. It'll be ready in a few short days.

A couple of things I've learned while taking part in this exchange:

1) Trust your instincts & pay attention to your first impression:

I've gone back to the first scarf I chose for my pal. I've simply swapped the cotton/angora yarn for some merino yarn as the angora was killing me. Not sure why I felt the need to find a new pattern etc every 5 mins.... Strange. No doubt there's some subconscious reason for it.

2) Be confident in your choices:

Even though I chose a scarf that I think my pal will like based on her questionnaire and what I read on her blog, I still doubted my choice(s).

3) Admire other participants' work - but from a distance:

I felt like a kid in a sweet shop when looking at all the lovely scarves being made. I started to question my own abilities as a knitter/crochet(er) and whether I should even be taking part. It's not intimidation. But the choices and variety were sometimes so overwhelming.

4) Have fun!

Yes, have fun! I was having fun. Until I got stressed about whether or not the scarf would be acceptable or appropriate or nice enough or blah blah blah. I walked away from it all yesterday and approached it with a clear head this morning. Now I'm having fun again.

5) Recognise your achievements.

I've learned some new knitting / crocheting techniques & stitches and I've worked with yarns I wouldn't have normally worked with. I have created (almost) something beautiful.

6) Customise! Customise! Customise!

I spent so many many hours trawling the web for scarf patterns and surprisingly, of all the free patterns out there I didn't find one that grabbed my attention for my pal. Especially as she is such an experienced and talented knitter/crafter AND has taken part in many exchanges in the past. I won't be afraid to customise existing patterns or experiment with something of my own next time. If I can't find what I want, I'll have to come up with it myself!

7) Plan.

I will definitely set realistic goals for the next exchange. I didn't appreciate how much time I would spend on this one. I am amazed at how many exchanges and swaps some people take part in. Stunned actually. Not sure how they manage it all.

8) Chill out.

It's just a scarf exchange. What's the worst that can happen?


I'll definitely be taking part in more exchanges. It's nice to make something that will hopefully be appreciated by somebody other than myself, as I generally tend to knit just for me me ME! There were a few familiar faces taking part in the exchange and it was nice to 'bump' into people somewhere different.

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