Friday, October 06, 2006

ISE III - Sabine update

I really like this scarf. But now that I've started it, I'm not sure if it's for my pal. It looks great and I've gotten to grips with the pattern. Guess I'm not one for giving up! The colours look a bit yeuck in this lighting but it's definitely pink, sage green and dark green.

It was a bit touch and go there for a while. Once I figured out the pattenr and hit the first horizontal stripe, I realised that the scarf was going to be too stiff - there's so much yarn at the back of the work. So, I've started again and gone up a needle size. This seems to have done the trick. I'm also not wrapping/twisting my colour changes around each other, but simply carrying them along the back of the work.

I'm using 100% merino wool so I'm hoping that once it's finished and washed, it will 'relax' a bit more. At least that's the plan. As far as making a decision goes, I guess I'll have to just finish off as many of the scarves I can by the end of next week and then decide which to send to my pal.

Then there's the additional question of what treats to include in the packet. I've never done an exchange before, and although I can't afford to send any skeins of extravagant yarn, I would still like to send something. One of the things I wanted to include is one of these cute little 'egg' cosy sweaters. Isn't it adorable!

I was also considering a crochet/knit belt or cuff with any left over yarn. That's all I've come up with so far. Any suggestions would be greatly received....


That's me for this evening (apart from the 'freaky' self portrait I'm about to post in a few minutes).


AR said...

I love the way that looks! Hope it relaxes (or whatever). Now, don't throw out my comment!

Piglottie said...

Well done for getting to grips with the pattern, its looking great. When I've done exchanges (Secret Pal etc) I've included little things like chocolates (always go down well), toiletries (some nice bath stuff from Lush), I've made some stitchmarkers (cheap to make, can get bits etc from ebay), crochet flower pins (little crochet flowers with a brooch pin on the back). If your pal is from another country, something from your area is always nice or possibly a UK only magazine. HTH!