Saturday, October 14, 2006

Knitting: First Sock Finished!

Here she is. My first sock is finished! I can see how this can become addictive. I loved making this. This pattern is from Debbie Bliss' book 'Simply Baby' and I figured it would be a good place to start to see how socks are constructed. These were made from the cuff down, and I would like to try toe-up socks next.

I used yarn from my stash and larger DPNs and I have to admit it wasn't all that hard. I've used circular needles in the past where DPNs have been called for and managed fine using the magic loop technique, but I have to say, now that I've used DPNs, I think they'll be getting a little more action than my circs!

I'm pleased with how the heel turned out but when Little Miss CB graciously modelled it, I noticed some holes or loose stitches along the short row decreases.

I'm not sure if this is because the sock was stretched on her foot or whether my knitting was too loose. I guess I'll have to see how I get on with my next pair!

One thing I did find difficult was dividing the stitches between the 4 needles when getting ready to shape the heel. I wasn't sure which was my 'first' needle so it took a bit of swapping stitches from needle to needle before I got it. However, looking closer at the sock, I'm not sure if I got them lined up correctly as the decreases I worked between the cuff and the heel seem a bit erratic. Another thing to look out for.

Overall I found this a very enjoyable experience. I'll be buying some very basic sock yarn for now to make a proper pair of socks for Little Miss CB. I don't think I'm quite ready to spend £10+ on yarn for one pair of socks just yet. But I can see how they would make nice luxurious and unusual gifts for friends and family.


PS - Attention family & friends. Please add sock yarn to the Christmas Wish list. Just enough to make a couple of pairs of socks would be great! Hint hint!


Anonymous said...

Arent socks great fun!!!.. I'm currently knitting up the SOCKS OF DOOM.. for the sock wars.. if you want an easy sock pattern that takes DK weight yarn ..sockwars link on my blog yarn monkey has the pattern listed. Great Job!!

Piglottie said...

Bernie I think you've done great for your first pair. I know what you mean about the holes on the heel pick up as I have had the same problem - if you look here there are some tips on how to avoid holes. When you say you got mixed up trying to figure out which was your first needle, did your pattern tell you to use a stitchmarker? If not, you need to put a stitchmarker between your first and second stitch and then you will always know where the beginning of the round is. HTH!

craftybernie said...

Thanks Adele, I'll check out KR. The pattern didn't actually call for a stitch marker until quite far down the sock but I'll remember to do it in future. It's a learning process. I can't wait til my sock yarn and needles get here tomorrow/Tuesay. I'll be practically mugging the post lady. Thanks again... :)