Thursday, October 19, 2006

Knitting: Lacy Wrap booboo

What more can I say?

The booboo is on the end of the 3rd pattern repeat (or is it on the beginning of the 4th?). Now that I am on repeat number 13 I don't think I could bear to frog it from the top down. But it's giving me the evil eye. Ribbit.

I can either:

1) Frog it from the top down
2) Frog it from the bottom up (ribbit)
3) pull the 3 offending yarn overs and stitch them in place
4) Leave it! Groan Croak.

Any suggestions? Anyone?


Lisa L said...

If it's going to drive you CRAZY I'd go ahead and rip back and correct. But I think I might try pulling the yarnovers and stitching in place and see how it looks first! Good luck!

Nora said...

Leave it - that's a very forgiving pattern (I knit LELAH last summer and the bottom featured that same patt. My first attempt at lace - needless to say, booboos everywhere. Completely undetectable).

AR said...

I'd do number 3, but I'm lazy. I have a friend who just started knitting, and she'd rip the whole thing out. Not, me!

Piglottie said...

Avoid frogging where possible, especially on lace which I would assume is a nightmare. However, if its bugging you so much you wont be able to wear it without thinking of the mistake, you might not have a choice (you have my sympathies, am currently having this with a certain sock!).

Queen Frogger said...

Don't frog it! Lace is a nightmare to frog and personally causes me to cop a right strop and end up binning it!!
Stitch the devils and try to forget about it .... no matter how hard that may be!!