Monday, October 23, 2006

Mademoiselle Jade's Cat Tickler

Not one to want to hog all the glory on this blog here's Mademoiselle Jade playing with her favourite toy. Introducing the cat tickler!

When she's bored or lonely, she runs around the house with the feathers in her mouth and the handle trailing between her legs. It's hilarious (but I guess you'd have to own a cat to see the funny side). This is the 3rd generation of cat ticklers - the first two had really long feather boas attached to the handle.

When I say she loves this toy, I am not joking. So much so that she has been known to carry it in her mouth through the house, out the conservatory window, into the pouring rain, and dragging it two doors up to our friends house where we were having drinks one evening. When we came out of the house, there she was sat under the car and the feather boa lying on the driveway absolutely drenched.

It's also not unusual to wake up with the cat tickler on the bed or to even find it lurking on the bathroom floor. Although why she leaves it in the bathroom is anybody's guess. Perhaps it's Jade who's been leaving the toilet seat up???. Lol

She never ceases to entertain me. Cats just wanna have fun!

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Barbee' said...

Just wanted to say "HI" Saw you in the Google/Blogger Help Group and had to come take a look - love what I see. Very, very nice!

We have some books and movies in common: Calvin & Hobbes; Postcards from the Edge; Phantom of the Opera; and The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende. I heard Allende speak several years ago. She certainly held one's attention. She has a web site. I found her "time line" interesting. It's found here and of course to go to her home page, just click "home".

My web site has a section on cats you might enjoy seeing. Go to this address, then look in the sidebar and click on A Clowder of Cats.

Enjoyed my visit.

Barbee' said...

Dear Mademoiselle Jade,

You have been mentioned in an article about Buster the Manx. If you would like to see, here is the address.

You are as lovely as ever.

Your admirers, Buster and B...........