Thursday, November 02, 2006

Knit1BlogToo Netring update

The Knit1BlogToo netring has been up and running since July 2006 and to date we have 50 members (well 48 members and two waiting in the wings, but who's counting?).

The ring was originally set up to extend a helping 'blogging' hand to knitters, both new bloggers and regulars alike! There are some useful links on the homepage but we could always use more. Here are a few examples of some links that we have used to pimp our blogs:

3 column templates layouts backgrounds graphics Google groups blogger help

For more information about the ring please feel free to drop by the blog or alternatively see here.

Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement!


Stephanie said...

50 members?! That's so exciting!

Thanks for all your work in organizing and keeping things moving.

This is my favorite WebRing :)

Nora (Black Dog Knits) said...

We should be thanking YOU!

Knit1blog2 has saved my life (and my blog) more times than I care to mention!

So, thank you. x