Saturday, November 04, 2006

Mademoiselle Jade & the car

I hadn't seen Mademoiselle Jade for a few hours on Thursday evening. Where could she be. I called for her at 11pm and then again at 1am. But nothing. I jingled the house keys - a surefire way to get her attention. But nothing!

Well, it was a frosty night, clear and star studded. I figured mademoiselle Jade had found herself a little field mouse or a shrew out back and was keeping busy playing hunter! I jingled out the back door too. Then the living room window. Nothing.

Mr CB put out the rubbish. Heard some mewing but couldn't see the little madam. He jingled his keys but nothing. No sign of her.

Friday morning I got up at 8am. Still nothing. I jingled out the front door. I jingled out the back door. I jingled out the living room window. Nothing. Perhaps she found a shed or a garage to shelter in for the night. Or the bonnet of a warm car. After all it was a cold frosty night, clear and star studded and she would probably need shelter.

I heard laughing in the living room. Sally, my home help, arrived for her weekly wrestling match with the laundry basket at 10am. I was in the shower. Boy was it a cold morning. The grass was white with frost. It seems early for frost. Way too early for frost. Mr CB was cracking up with laughter when I came out of the shower. I threw on my dressing gown afraid of missing something fun.

Sally asked if the cat should be in the car. OMG, THE CAT WAS LOCKED IN THE CAR! OMG! OMG! OMG! We didn't know Mlle Jade was locked in the car. She's never done it before. We've had her 4 yrs and nothing. Maybe a little sniff of the car door, once. But that's it.

Sally saw Jade sunning herself on the dashboard - she raised her head, glanced at Sally and lay back down again. But the doors were shut. What was she doing? How did she get in there?

Little Miss CB threw on her shoes at a speed unknown to man nor child. Miss CB opened the car door and Jade shot her a glance. Little Miss CB picked Mlle Jade up and rescued her from the car. Jade seemed still. Quiet. No resistance. Jade doesn't like to be held but she didn't fight back. This was the scene Friday morning on our driveway. Suddenly the seriousness of the situation hits home. She has been in the car since 6pm on Thursday evening and it was now 10.30am on Friday morning.

Well, it appears that when Mr CB and Little Miss CB came back from shopping on Thursday evening, Mlle Jade must have jumped into the car while it was still being emptied.

Thankfully she's fine. After plenty of food, water and TLC she seems to be back to normal. I had a little siesta at lunchtime on Friday and Mlle Jade slept with me the whole time. She's fine. TG!

The upshot:- I guess she won't climb into the car again.

The downside:- she had to relieve herself in the car. It was inevitable. She did a doo doo on the driver's side. It was frozen. Thank God it was a cold frosty night.


AR said...

Haha. That was a funny story. I'm glad she was ok.

g-girl said...

well, I'm glad mlle jade was found. I can't believe she snuck into the car! I was wondering if she had relieved herself in the car or not as I read too. Like you said, thank god it was a cold frosty night! And she was safe.