Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Craft Weekend

Well it's been a busy few days here in Craftybernieland. I feel like I've been dragged through a forest backwards and then once more just for the hell of it!

Saturday was Christmas craft day here in casa Craftybernie. Little Miss CB went ice-skating with her friends in Douglas, so I spent the afternoon with my niece who's 7. I've been promising to do some crafting with her for a long time so it was a perfect opportunity to spend some time together.

Here are the things we made:

These split pin Santas have string attached to the back of their arms and legs which you can pull to make them 'dance'! We made them out of fun foam and they stand about 30cm tall. It was a time consuming process but worth it.

Next we have these glitter snow balls. I've posted a tutorial over on Craftster about how we made these.

These little beaded bangle decorations were also a doddle to make. I bought a bunch of inexpensive bangles from the local toy shop. Then, we strung beads onto some lightweight wire, wrapping the wire around the bangle after each bead to secure it. We made the hanger with some gold embroidery thread.

These little decorations made from curtain rings are fun and very easy to make. They can be as elaborate or as minimal as you like. They can be painted to fit in with your own holiday theme or left plain and sanded for a more rustic look.

Basically, you draw around a curtain ring onto a piece of card and cut it out. Attach the card to the back of the ring with strong glue (tacky glue will work - such as Anita's or Aileen's). Then simply place the sticker or peel-off in the centre of the ring. If you want to use rub-ons or draw/paint a design or character, it's easier to add the design to the centre of the card BEFORE you stick it to the ring.

I picked up the curtain rings from a local furniture store - they gave me a handful from their 'spares' box out back and charged me nada. Ah, 'tis the season of good will!

Enjoy! We did.


AR said...

You must be the favorite aunt! I bet she had lots of fun.

g-girl said...

these ornaments are gorgeous, bernie!