Sunday, December 31, 2006

Health, Christmas & Best Wishes


Thank you everyone for the well wishes. This flu thing has really knocked me for six. So boo hoo to me. To top it off, Mr CB who never gets sick (no, really) has caught himself a right whammy of a cold and it looks like little Miss CB's asthma may be on the rise again with whatever viral thing she's got brewing deep inside! Perhaps I should take to burning sage in the house to kill all the germs (or is that what you do for evil spirits??).


On a more positive note, last night we had FUN! We went to the Panto in Douglas - it was 'Robinson Crusoe' - and we had a blast! It's something we try to do every Christmas, Mr CB's busy travel schedule permitting. Mr CB got a box at the theatre for the four of us (me, Miss CB, Mr CB and the MIL).

There were women dressed as men; men dressed as women; dancers dressed like hookers; kids dressed like grown-ups; girly gorillas; a 'mini-me' fairy; a 'mini-me' pirate; and lots more besides! A veritable banquet of double entendres and cross dressing! BTW, is Panto an English thing or is it a world wide theatrical phenomenon??

Christmas Day:

Santa was very kind this year and he did a splendid job! My favourite gifts have got to be the two Debbie Abrahams books about knitting blankets & throws, and my own Nintendo DS. Now I can duel away with Little Miss CB - I'm getting quite good at Super Mario Brothers - and work on my 'brain training' when she's back at school!

Mr CB did us proud with his usual Christmas Day fayre, something which he has done very well since he was a wee lad. Christmas morning was nice and relaxing, with just the three of us opening presents. I'm not sure how everyone else does it but we open the presents in the stockings first thing, then a couple from Santa after breakfast, a few more after lunch and what's left tends to spill over into Boxing Day. Then any family we didn't see on Christmas Day or Boxing Day dropped round on the 27th.

Knitting, Crochet & Crafty Stuff:

Things have been a bit slack on the needle and hook front these past few weeks. My joints have been killing me and it's been dead hard to knit or crochet. However the weeks leading up to Christmas saw us crafting most evenings so that gave me my creativity fix.

Honestly, you should see the craft room. It's the biggest one I've ever seen. It's as big as a house. In fact, it is a house!!! There's storage in the conservatory where the big plastic storage boxes are kept, then the dining room table (obviously we needed to expand the dining table), then the living room (sewing & beading can be done on a lap tray while watching telly) and lastly the hallway (gotta use those shelves for something useful)!

Actually, it drives Mr CB mental to see so much crafting stuff floating about the house. But what's a girl supposed to do. I think subconsciously I'm getting him back for the mess he used to make all those years ago when we first got together.


AS you all know there hasn't been much of this going on recently. I've missed catching up on the gossip and reading other peoples' blogs. Hopefully I'm on the road to recovery now and can finally catch up with stuff.

Some of you may have noticed that I have switched over to Beta and I have even managed to spend some time on my test blog. It's little by little though. Hopefully I can blog about my Beta experiences on the Knit1BlogToo Blog this week.

New Year:

Today it's the 31st of December 2006. New Year's Eve (& my birthday, ahem!) We don't have any plans this year. It's a funny old night really. I always dislike going out and leaving Little Miss CB at home, with the MIL babysitting. But when we stay in and she goes to bed, I always feel like I should be out having fun! Honestly, there's no making me happy.

Today will be spent with Little Miss CB eagerly waiting for me to wake up so she can give me my b'day present(s). Then we'll have people dropping in throughout the day for a bit of cake. The tea party I have is more for Miss CB than anyone else. Gosh, I'm selfless really (ha!).

... And Finally:

I'm sure there's more I could add but I think I've rambled on long enough, for now. Whatever you all decide to get up to tonight:- whether you're on your own or with people you care about; whether you are enjoying new members of the family or mourning those who have departed, I truly hope you all have a safe and magical and peaceful night.

Love, Bernie


Piglottie said...

Good to hear from you Bernie. A huge Happy Birthday, and very best wishes for the new year.

Nano said...

Happy Birthday!. I was turned on to your blog by Nora of Black Dog Knits a little while back to see your crochet donuts. I had just knit a few donuts and was told about your terrific craftiness. Have a peaceful, healthy, happy new year sprinkled with lots of crafty goodness.

AR said...

Happy Birthday! You sure typed that small enough!

Wow, that Panto thingy sounds like a lot of fun!

Happy New Year to you and yours! :)

Procrastiknitter said...

Happy Birthday Berni! sounds like you had a wonderful holiday! I know what you mean about NYE. I don't want to leave the kids with the ILs but when they are home I wish I was out. This year, MO and I stayed home even though the kids went to the ILs for the night. we really were party poopers! LOL

Nora said...

Happy birthday Bernie! x

Rositta said...

Happy Birthday, glad your feeling better. Thanks for your help on Beta. I seem to be getting on with Beta but haven't gone the final step, the cusomization part with tabs. I tried a test blog but couldn't figure it out so, I will wait for a while. If you still have my emai, email me, I've lost yours. I can ask my dumb questions in private ha ha ha...:)