Saturday, April 21, 2007

ISE4 - Decisions, decisions....

Things aren't exactly working out as I had planned. It's not my fault though!!! This yarn doesn't seem to like any of the patterns I've chosen so far. I mean, it's bad enough having a hormonal moody little 10 yr old to contend with every day, but to get attitude from my yarn was not something I expected!

I'm actually considering putting it on the naughty step in the hallway for a Time Out - "RIGHT NEXT TO WHERE THE SPIDERS LIVE", - I hope it heard me!

I've got to decide what to do next. In the meantime, here's a list of the scarves I've cast on (and frogged) so far:

  • Little Leaf Lace Scarf by Sivia Harding
  • Lace Leaf Scarf from Nora at BlackDogKnits
  • Old Shale stitch scarf (I doubled up the the yarn to make a DK weight but it felt like I was wasting the yarn and not using it to its full potential. Does that sound wierd?)
  • Lady Eleanor Entrelac Shawl (Actually, now that I look back over this list, I realise that the yarn quite suited the entrelac pattern. I wonder if I'll have time to make a scaled down version of Lady Eleanor??? hmmm...)
Honestly. If any of my family and friends (none of whom are knitty nutters) see this, they'll think I'm bonkers. How can it be sooo difficult to find something it wants to be made into.

So, having spent the best part of the day (and night, yawn!) on the internet, trawling through blogland, studying opinions on working with variegated yarn, I found these two patterns which might just be the answers to my prayers: Candle Flame Scarf from Knit Picks and Gypsy Rose Scarf from Cherry Tree Hill.

I'm going to give the 'Candle Flame' a whirl and see how it goes. But after seeing the yarn knit up in Nora's Lace Leaf Scarf I'm beginning to doubt myself. I've got a few weeks to go so I haven't started to panic just yet. If neither of these two patterns work out though, I'm going to go with the Entrelac scarf.

Or maybe I should just dump the other two ideas and stick with the Engrelac scarf and.... Oh crap! My mind is buzzing. God I'd kill for a glass of wine. L@@k, it's driving me to drink!!! Help me!


Carol said...

well if you do have a drink, have one for me too? It's no fun NOT deciding on a project! I'm right there with ya...

Piglottie said...

If you don't have any luck Bernie, try out this link for an entrelac scarf pattern - good luck :)

Jae said...

Good luck! I love variegated yarns but sometimes they can be so picky about the pattern they'll agree to wrk with. Hopefully yours will stop being so high maintance since you've threatened it with the spiders. LOL!

herzeleidknits said...

I love the candle flame and have thought about doing that one myself. Also, the Clapotis always looks beautiful - I think it's from

herzeleidknits said...

Ah ha...found it. Here's the clapotis pattern
And I think if you look around the web there is a way to make it easier by purling the slipped stitches instead of using stitch markers....or something like that.