Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stash: Books, Yarn & Fabric

I wanted to share some goodies that I was sent by the lovely Paula. I met Paula over on the Crafty Threads n Yarn forum which is
The Friendly UK Board that invites Knitters, Crocheters, Dressmakers, Quilters, Patchworkers, Jewellery makers and Paper Crafters.
I've been hanging out there a lot recently - I really enjoy the international crafting forums but it's also nice to speak with people nearer to home.

Firstly, there's the book 'Bags: A Knitters Dozen' which has some super cool projects. I've been itching to make a bag using entrelac, domino or modular knitting and this is perfect.

Secondly there's a bag kit by Patons which contains two balls of Patons 'Coast' and two of Patons 'Washed Haze'. The wool is a lovely chalky pink colour which is sooooo me, and the bag handles are black. I'm torn between making the bag or using the wool to make something else like a scarf (no surprise there then!).

Finally this gorgeous piece of fabric with butterfly prints on a pink mottled background. And like the 'Festival of Quilts' fairy fabric that Penny sent me a few weeks back, the butterflies are outlined in gold. So lovely. I'm making a DPN case for Paula so I'll try to incorporate this into it. Isn't it a lovely piece of material!!!


Piglottie said...

Its a great place, Crafty Threads n Yarns, isn't it?! I feel so at home there. And what lovely things you have! I adore the colour of the yarn, and the fabric is so beautiful.

Carol said...

Very cool! I didn't eve know Patons had kits!