Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sewing: Hand Embroidered Girly Girl

I know I'm jumping the gun here as I have yet to post about our lovely holiday. But that can wait. This can't.

I'm working on a swap at the moment and I've been going dizzy trying to come up with an angle to make the project more interesting. The myriad examples of naive embroidery on the web prompted me to do some stitchery goodness of my own. Granted my Girly Girl is not 'primitive' enough for the style I was after but she serves the purpose.

She's also not an original drawing. I got the image from the pink gift bag which I photocopied and then traced using my tiny light box and a HB pencil.

I kept the design simple so that I have enough time to work some more motifs into the scheme, without having to stay up night and day to get the whole thing finished. The fabric is simply white cotton from an old blouse that I recycled (yep, still recycling/ refashioning/ reconstructing - call it what you will!).

That's it for now. Sorry it's rushed but I've got to get back to work (of course when I say work I don't mean WORK Work, I mean crafty stuff!). Lol.

I'm trying to persuade the little ankle biter to go swimming tomorrow with her pals so I can have a few hours to catch up with blogland and emails. In the meantime, it's great to be back. I love Love LOVE my bed. I'll catch up with you all soon and thanks for all the lovely comments and birthday wishes for Katie aka 'the ankle biter', aka 'little miss CB'.



Piglottie said...

Welcome back Bernie! And I love your groovy girl emobroidery - so cool :)

Carol said...

Welcome back! Your Girlie Girls is adorable!

blog-blethers said...

Holidays are fab, but there's nothing like our own bed is there!

I love your embroidary! Hope the wee one obliges with the swimming tomorrow;)

Linda said...

Wow, I love your embroidery...simple designs work SO good :-)
I have saved a couple of my girls old "Bang on the Door" calendars to trace and embroider...thanks for reminding me!

Penny said...

I think she's really great: very bright and cheerful.

AR said...

So cute!!