Sunday, August 05, 2007

Royal Manx Agricultural Show 2007, Sulby, IOM

I just heard the news that the show has been cancelled due to the foot and mouth outbreak in Surrey. It's amazing how something so far away can impact so greatly on this little island but I guess it's better to be safe. It would be a disaster if foot and mouth made it here - the farming industry would be destroyed! So, no walks in the counryside for the timebeing; dogs must be exercised on the beaches for now. I wonder if the cattery will be open for business in the coming weeks???
I must admit that I was gutted that I would be missing out on the Arts and Crafts section. I've been working flat out this last week. But then my selfish brain switched into gear and realised that the impact on my little life will be negligible. It's the farmers and other local produce that will suffer.

I can't begin to imagine the impact the cancellation of the show will have on everybody involved - they must be reeling. And I doubt that the show will be rescheduled. The show was cancelled in 2001 due to the foot & mouth outbreak in the UK, and if I recall correctly, so was the TT. I wonder if they'll cancel the Manx Grand Prix at the end of August/beginning of September????

To top things off, I've had what I thought was a bloody migraine from hell since the middle of last week but I think it might be a bug of some sort. Typical. Mr CB & Little Miss CB go away for 10 days, and apart from helping the FIL in his workshop last week, I didn't really have any plans except to maybe craft and clean. And as for progress, well, let's just say that there's been lots of crafting going on... and leave it at that! :)

PS Did I mention that the weather has been a total pain in the a*se this week. Come back sunshine, all is forgiven. At least I don't have to water the baskets and tubs. There's always a silver lining, eh!
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ambermoggie said...

hope you feel better soon. Foot and mouth was dreadful here last time, keeping positive thoughts it will be cleared quickly

Kylie said...

Hey Bernie, Hope you are feeling better soon.

Piglottie said...

The fott and mouth outbreak is dreadful, and like you, think its better to be safe than sorry. Fingers crossed that it wont spread.

Hope you feel better soon hun.

Carol said...

What a terrible thing to happen again. My thoughts and prayers to all those affected there.