Friday, October 12, 2007

Competition: I was making a .....


You've all provided me with some jolly good laughs this week, so thanks for that. Unfortunately nobody delivered the correct answer (sorry for making it so difficult - mwaha haha haha). SO, I'm going to enter EVERYONE WHO ENTERED in the draw for the goodies.

Consider it a little thank you for dropping by. I just wish I could visit you all as often as I would like.

Details of the winner will be published sometime between now and Monday 15th October 2007. I will post the results on this thread, together with some pictures of the almost finished skirt (I had sewing machine probs. earlier this week. 'nuff said)

Thanks again everyone for taking part. I'll try to do it again soon with some other handmade goodies so watch this space! Who loves ya, baby! (<--- do any of you remember who said this?)

1 comment:

Piglottie said...

Ah Bernie! You trickster!!! I'm still liking the Bedouin tent idea :)

PS: Kojak?