Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Exchange: ISE5 Scarf Finished & Sent

Everything is in the post today. Ok, it's 4 days passed the send by date but better late than never!!! ;)

The scarf is an adaptation of a pattern from Scarf Style (name to follow as I can't find the book right now!). I used 3 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay Silk and could probably have used the 4th as my pal likes long scarves, but I was worried that the weight of the yarn would be too much. Having said that, the cabled sections are quite well tensioned so the only droopy bit might be the st st section in the middle.

I love the feel of this yarn. And although it nearly drove me to tears as it twisted back on itself while I knit with it, I would probably use it again. I'm a fan of cotton or cotton blend yarns as they're kind to my sensitive skin although I would love to be able to wear thick woolly scarves and jumpers with ease.

I popped in a few little extras - some Hope & Greenwood Hot Chili Dark Chocolate Buttons, the 4th ball of DB Cathay Silk, Stitch Markers and a packet of tissues.

The Hope & Greenwood chocolate is interesting. I had a sample of it at the shop down town and while the dark chocolate is just to die for (scrummy!), the chili afterburn was an interesting but not-to-be-repeated-for-me experience. I hope my pal likes everything and that it arrives safely!!!

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