Monday, December 31, 2007

Quick End of Year Update!!

I've had a terrible time these past few weeks trying to get online so as it seems to be working for now, I thought I would squeeze one final post in before midnight.

Like everybody else in the modern world, the past few weeks have been quite hectic for us. I would like to say I was busy out shopping and partying but that's not the case. Steven has managed to squeeze a record number of travels abroad, and Katie has been ill a total of 3 times in the past 6 weeks. Needless to say we're all feeling a little worse for wear.

Thankfully the New Year brings hope of a fresh start!

We finally managed to get the Christmas tree decorated..... on Christmas Eve! Considering it's usually done and dusted by the 8th I have to admit that it nearly didn't get put up! Many of you already know my situation, and understand that motivating yourself to do the simplest of tasks can be so very difficult when depression is involved. Thankfully I have a very persistent, helpful and loving husband.

I got some wonderful presents for Christmas but my favourites are the Mason Dixon knitting book (I'm about 3 years behind on this one!), the Amigurumi book by Elizabeth Dogherty and best of all, a drop spindle and 400g of wool roving! I haven't had a chance to knit or crochet, but I have been spinning bit by bit since Christmas day....

Little by little I've got the hang of it and now even Katie has jumped on the 'spindle' wagon! She's done a great job too. I've put some photos of her on Flickr if you want to check out our progress. Here's an action shot of Katie for now.

Right, I'm off to have some of my birthday cake, a glass of chardonnay and to finally open my birthday presents. Katie is merrilly playing with her cousins and Steven & his mum are already vegging out in the living room. I wonder if we'll make it past 11pm... ;)

Have a lovely night everyone. I'll hopefully be able to catch up with each and every one of you who are waiting for a gift, swap or exchange item from me in the New Year.

PS Thanks to those who sent me a Christmas card. I'm only sorry I didn't get round to sending some out to you guys. Steven did ours this year as I simply couldn't manage it. Take care! Love, Bernie


Hanne said...

Her spinning looks much more even than my first try!

Piglottie said...

Happy New Year Bernie! I hope that the coming year is filled with much peace, joy and laughter. *hugs*