Sunday, February 10, 2008

Swaps: Round Robin Exchange, January

I'm taking part in an ongoing Round Robin Exchange on the Crafty Threads n Yarn forum. Each participant has their own little pouch or bag which moves around the group each month containing goodies, being emptied and refilled by the next person on the list and passed on. The aim is to make use of items in our crafty/yarn stash and we're not allowed to spend more than £2 on new stuff for the contents.

This is the little bag I made using Opal Sock Yarn (Petticoat). It's about 4" tall from the base to the eyelets, and the base is about 3" across. The pattern we used was from SpinningFishwife's blog. In my rotten 'lurgy state last week I forgot to photograph the contents of my bag which I sent to Grannysmith. Once GS has received it, I'll try and pinch the photos from her blog!

I received my Round Robin bag for January last week from Cazzie:

a lovely piece of blue fabric with embossed stars; a crochet star flower bookmark; some star shaped shell buttons; and a packet of Milky Way stars.

In the background you can see Cazzie's Round Robin bag which was knit flat in a mitred square pattern. Aren't the colours lovely? I just pinched this photo of Cazzie's bag from the forum, isn't it clever!

Next month I will refill this bag with goodies especially chosen for the next person in the Round Robin.

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