Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fabric Covered Easter Egg

A few years back I began making fabric covered Easter eggs to decorate the 'wiggily' willow branches in our conservatory. It's been 4 years since the last batch which are quite frankly beginning to look a bit tatty. So, time to get the polystyrene eggs out and begin crafting some new ones.

Here's the first one which I made last night/this morning. The egg is about 2.5" tall but the overall decoration measures 10" from tip of hanging thread to base of tassle.

I really like the style of this one. In the past I've used more pins, beads & sequins to hold everything in place - like you do with Pinflair eggs - but I'm very pleased with the outcome of this one. I'll have to make a few more in coordinating colours to use up some of my patchwork cottons!

I didn't have a filigree cap for the top of the egg so I crocheted something similar out of embroidery threads with my wee metal hook! It's only a teeny thing and my eyes were burning while I made it (and that was using the magnifiying glass on my daylight lamp!!)

The tassle was easy enough to make and although this one is less than perfect, it'll do. I used about 1/2 a skein of embroidery thread wrapped around a 2.5" piece of card. There's a wooden bead under the 'bulb' of the tassle to give it its shape which I then covered with a fabric yo-yo (of sorts) and then chain stitched around the edge to tidy it up.

Everything used was from my craft stash, apart from the polystyrene eggs which I bought in January from e-bay.

I've got a few needle felted eggs which Katie & I made in January. I must take some piccies of them and load them up. They're really sweet. Katie is quite the dab hand with a felting needle!

Toodles xx Bernie xx

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