Sunday, April 20, 2008

Comfort Shawl (knitting daily)

I finally got round to blocking the Comfort Shawl by Sandi Wiseheart on Knitting Daily, which I started 6 weeks ago. If only I had actually been 'knitting daily', it would have been finished a lot sooner. Never mind. It will be winging its way to Spain this week.

This shawl was my first dip into lace shawl knitting and it gave me the confidence and motivation to try something more involved... namely the Icarus Shawl and Forest Canopy Shawl!

I wanted to retain a comfortable and casual feel and the Denim Aran was perfect for this. Plus at over 230 yds per 100g ball, and having only used 1 1/2 balls, it was a very affordable knit. The yarn is a blend of acrylic (60%) cotton (25%) and wool (15%) so it isn't a complete affront to yarn snobs!! ;) I am pleased that the shawl has blocked so well considering it isn't 100% wool.

It seems that I am on a roll at the moment and have found my knitting mojo. Does anybody fancy a rub?

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