Thursday, June 12, 2008

Felting: Wet felted WIPs

I just have time to share some of the current felting projects that are in the pipeline, (see, I really have been a busy little felter!)

Felt WIPs may/june 2008

1. Wet felted embedded square, 2. Nuno felt cushion panel, 3. Wet felting with resist, 4. Wet felted DS case, 5. Wet felted plush (penelope pig v.2), 6. Felted bookmark, mixed media,7. Wet felted runner or scarf, 8. Wet felted runner or scarf, 9. Wet felted runner & scarves, 10. Wet felted flower 2, 11. Wet felted flower 1, 12. Wet felted embedded square, 13. Wet Felted sheet, 14. Felt Bowl or Vessel no10, 15. Felt Bowl or Vessel no10

For a more detailed description of these items and the plans I have for each one, follow the link to my Flickr page by clicking on the photos, and check out the descriptions. Some of these items will be appearing in my Etsy shop in the coming weeks. So, if you like the look of something you can either let me know or just keep watching the shop. Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

PS: Have you seen the 3rd party Flickr Applications there are available now? This mosaic was created using the 'Mosaic Maker' over on If you want to get more from your Flickr photos, then check out the servicespage on Flickr and follow the links.

Thanks for looking! x

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