Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Wish List (for 2007)

Dear friends, family, admirers, fellow crafters, here's a list of some rather lovely desired goodies. It's just a guideline but if you feel compelled to purchase EVERYTHING on this list then please feel free to do so!! ;)

Books & Music: My Amazon wishlist.

Fibre Stuff:

- Top of the list i.e. absolute must have!!! is a Drop spindle. In order to fulfil my remaining goal for 2007 which is to learn how to spin on a drop spindle. I don't mind if it's new, used, top or bottom whorl. I just gotta spin.

- KnitPicks Harmony Wood DPNs set OR Nickel Plated DPNs set

- Subscription to the Yarn Yard Club Plus

- a Yarn Swift. Nothing fancy schmancy. A used one will do.

- Feltedhandbag Workshop Patterns available via PDF on

Felted Short Row bag or Felted Entrelac bag or Felted Modular Triangles bag.

Sewing: (more to follow but for now..)

- Quilter's rule. Afterall, using a metal ruler with a rotary cutter is a disaster waiting to happen.

- Message for Santa - Mummy Bevan would love a NEW SEWING MACHINE. Her £10 charity shop special is dying an agonizingly slow death. Help her Singer retire after a long life of stitchery goodness and bring a smile to Mummy Bevan's face on Christmas morning. :)

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