Monday, January 01, 2007

'The Shed' Youth Project, Ramsey

**Good Practice - Ramsey Young People’s Project - Community Project
What is it? Ramsey Young People’s Project. What does it do? Offers support and a place, The Shed, where young people can go. Funded? DoE and Island charitable funding

Some seven years ago a group of Ramsey people inspired by the late Beryl Quine got together to provide a place for Ramsey’s young people to go and be themselves. Beryl’s bus donated by DTL and fitted out by DTI became that place. The Shed leased from DTL has now replaced the Bus. The Ramsey Young People’s project is by local people for local youngsters. Youth workers are employed by DOE and seconded to the Project.

The Shed’s staff make the young people feel welcomed and supported. They can go there, not to be judged but to relax and learn about getting on with each other and adults. It provides an opportunity for informal learning about cooking, playing games, music and gardening - basic everyday skills.

The Project offers a different blend of youth work to that in the Ramsey Youth Club. It compliments that work, on the basis that children’s needs are different and what works for one may not be so successful with another.

Cath the youth worker at the Project commented, ‘I am here to listen and help young people to respect themselves, The Shed is somewhere that’s for them.’

**Extract from IOM Government Children & Young People Strategy

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