Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ornamental 2 - Swap items rec'd (with pic)

Ornamental 2 Swap Package

I received a wonderful package the other day from my Ornamental 2 swap pal. My pal, Bethiee, really spoilt me considering it was a simple Christmas ornament exchange.

It was a lovely pick me up to get a nice surprise in the post - when you're feeling a bit rotten you can never have too many presents! (and before anyone starts, I do realise that I've just celebrated Christmas and my birthday but something unexpected always seems that bit more special). My pal had e-mailed me to say the gifts would be a bit late and I'm glad to say that the decorations still made it on to the Christmas tree!

I'll post the pictures tomorrow when I can find the camera cable. But in the meantime, here's the things I received:

Handknit Decorations from Bethiee two lovely hand knit decorations; a gorgeous bar of almond and cranberry dark chocolate which I absolutely refused to share with anyone (it was soooo wonderful and went down a treat); a couple of balls of the most gorgeous wool by Adrienne Vittadini in a perfect shade of dark/olive green; some fab Sharpie markers; a beautiful sparkly iridescent beaded garland for the tree and a packet of snowflake themed tissues.

I love fancy little packets of tissues - they're really great for 'napkin decoupage'. Everything was colour co-ordinated to perfection: shades of green, turquoise, blue and white. Fab!

Thanks again to my pal, Bethiee.

Best wishes everyone for a Happy 2007,

Bernie. X


Sharon said...

Can't wait to see the ornaments, you were indeed spoilt.

My new years resolution?? Keep up with my bloglines he he!! so far so good ;)

AR said...

Unexpected gifts are great! I never share my really great chocolate, I just tell the family that it's the really dark kind that they don't like. :)