Sunday, April 30, 2006

Obituary of a Craftaholic

Having become a certified craftaholic over the past 3 years, I am now currently working on my latest fad/project - knitting and felting! I used to knit quite a bit when I was younger, I think I started when I was about 6ish. I stopped in my 20's after my daughter was a toddler - the endless baby clothes and toddler sweaters were great fun to make but time was a real issue for me. Working full time and spending every waking non working moment with my baby left little time for much else. I also developed eczema in my early 20's which was exacerbated by the wool but I seem to be tolerating it better now. Although it still irritates, I just put up with it.

Time has a moved on, I have earned myself a little physical disability and I have not been able to work since the end of 2001. It's amazing what you can learn when you have time on your hands. I still joke to friends and family that 'I have no life' but I know this is not true. I am busier than many people I know and with a hubby who travels beyond this beautiful piece of heaven in order to work, I am kept busy with chores, my many many hobbies (and bad habits) and being a mother and part-time wife.

I shall be posting examples of some of my creations from over the last few years. I will also be including photos of current projects and their progress. My daughter and her friends/cousins enjoy coming to my house to make stuff (and a mess) and I think it would also be nice to include their masterpieces on the website too. So keep a look out for these items. The kids are looking forward to seeing their work on line so I will need to get this sorted soon.

Keep watching.

Happiness is a crafting crafter!

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shikha dixit said...

its fantastic.
You have such an innovative mind!!!
I like the spider and penguin too.
I like the chicks as well.
I like all of your blog!!