Monday, May 01, 2006

Easter 'Eggs'

These are the Easter chicks (or creatures) that we made on Easter Monday after we had our belated Easter Egg hunt. I prepared little packs for each child including all the body parts cut to size, googly eyes etc. They had to find these items along with the chocolate and sweets, as well as a polystyrene shaped egg. The hunt went well and it only took us about 15 mins max to make the chicks.

This was the first hunt that I had organised since we moved into this house 4 years ago. I really enjoyed myself and I think the kids had fun too!

Thanks for looking. Bernie.


fredav1 said...

Hi Bernie
Like your pics. They are cute but with a practical aspect. We have granddaughters and when they visit us we get out the 'bits n bobs bag' (it contains all sorts even toilet roll centres!) You would be surprised what they make up.
Wish I could be as artistic as people like yourself. Keep up the good work. Will look in on your site from time to time. Thanks

blogster said...

Hey there!

Cute little Easter chicks!

You and the kids must have had fun!

Thanks for sharing,

The Blogly Traveler
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