Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Bright Multi Stripe Bag - Felted!!!

Here's the now FELTED multi stripe bag. I am really pleased with the colours. This is a side view of the RS of the work (knit side). The straggly bits of wool that I weaved in also felted well so I will be able to wear the bag both ways.

This is the front of the bag (RS). It is fresh out of the machine. I sandwiched two phone books between a couple of placemats to give it some shape. Hopefully it will dry quickly.

This is a close up of the WS of the bag and my favourite. I think this picture shows how well the colours blend together and that the lines are much softer. This side also seems to have felted better - you can still see some of the definition of the knit stitches in the picture above.

Having said that, I am a bit disappointed with the flap. As you can see the sides are curling. When I was knitting the flap I was careful to knit the 1st two & last 2 stitches on each row but I think that the bulk of the wool where I joined the different colours hasn't helped.

Once dry I am planning to iron it. If that doesn't work I shall take a pair of scissors and trim the darn thing. As a last resort I will add a decorative border to hide the wobbly bits.

My last job is to decde what type of strap to make. I can't make my mind up between the following, perhaps you can let me know what you think:
  1. Plain 'I' cord (what colour)
  2. Stripey 'I' cord
  3. Plain strap (what colour?)
  4. Stripey strap

Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks again for visiting. Come back again soon.

Best wishes...Bernie


brennx0r said...

Pink I-cord would be nice.

craftybernie said...

Thanks - i think you're right. With the bag being so colourful, I didn't know which colour to use. Will try your suggestion and see how it turns out.