Friday, May 19, 2006

Sirdar Fizz Clubbing Bag

Amended/updated on 19 May 2006:

I've just finished this cute little bag in Sirdar Fizz and HayfieldDK somethingorother. I've called it my Sirdar Fizz Clubbing Bag. The actual pattern is for the 'MITA' bag from

Berocco. I wanted a small bag pattern that I could use the Fizz on and this was perfect. It's a great shape and only used half a ball of DK and 3/4 ball of Fizz.

For the handles, I made a couple of cords on my daughter's knitting nancy*. Did you ever have a knitting nancy when you were a child? I will definitely be using it again!

This is not a felted bag. Just a straightforward knitted bag with a delightfully bright button and matching cotton lining! The handles are bangle size - just large enough to slip over your wrist and the bag is big enough to carry a mobile, lippy, keys, money and anything else you feel might be appropriate for a night on the town.

Anyway, I started it and ripped it back as i didn't like the shape. I went through this process 5 times! I eventually found the strength to do something with the blasted thing otherwise it was going to end up in the bin. And suddenly whaddya know - it was finished. Nothing like considering throwing about £?? worth of wool in the bin to inspire you to come up with a solution. I'm pleased with the way it turned out.

Looking at the photos of the bag, it reminds me of Animal from the Muppet Show - or is it Oscar from Sesame Street - what do you think?

Let me know. Thanks....Bernie

*For information on Knitting Nancys follow this link to 'The Lost Art of Knitting':


brennx0r said...
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Sharon said...

I like it, and it would be very handy for a night out on the town.

Oscar???? No I would say those little blue creatures from Sesame Street who just say 'yip yip' or something like that he,he.

Jeanne said...

Very cute bag...not sure if its animal or Oscar...maybe a combo! Love your bags!

SJ2B said...

Bernie, Love your site. Just came in from the 'knitters review' forum. Well you said you're new to this but I'm impressed and will definitely visit again.


SJ2B said...

Bernie, love your site, just came in from the 'knitters review forum' and very impressed considering you're new LOL. I'll have to update my blog!

Will definitely visit again,

alliesw said...

Oscar is the trash guy--the bag reminds me more of the cookie monster! But I like it--I love little bags, though they can be harder than they look. Thanks for visiting, too!

brennx0r said...

Grover! :)

(I hope this works - I've been trying to leave comments but with no luck :/ )

Anonymous said...

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hedgehogman said...

well nice craft!
what a talented creation, yes its indeed like that sesame street character.
goodluck with it

Kamal Mettananda said...

Nice bag. Is it from your own creativity?

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craftybernie said...

Hi kamal

The pattern is from (you can click on the link in the post above). The pattern is for a bag called 'Mita'. I used my own wool as I didn't have the berocco wool that the pattern specified.

Thanks for visiting. Bernie

Papar said...

I love your site. Nice bag, I will make it with my kids, they lovev craft. Nice job.

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett said...

Adorable bag!