Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Crafty hoarder

I'm a crafty hoarder and I need to become a 'crafty' hoarder. Just this weekend I was having a moan about how I need some more boxes/containers to store my bits 'n bobs in. Mr CB asked if there was anything I could get rid of (throw away in man's speak). Well, I nearly fainted. "I need my stuff!", I said. He looked at me like I was mental.

Sure, Mr IT God can have a million cables in the office upstairs as well as empty software boxes and office stationery, endless used mobile phones and half a dozen staplers, but I leave a few balls of wool, some craft magazines, beads, scissors, felt, fabric, rubber stamps, inkpads, wire, tools, scoubidou's, books, patterns, fairies, keyrings, fimo, and a box of Easter makes scattered around the house and suddenly the house is overflowing.

I'm a CRAFTER for God's sake! Not some freak who keeps their own bodily waste in plastic bags lying around the house and in jars in the fridge. Who knows what will happen if I throw away that polystyrene pizza base from 1997 and next week the latest edition of Crafts Beautiful comes through my door with instructions on how to make a small thingymawhatsit and the main component needed is one polystyrene pizza base! I love being able to make anything and everything at the drop of a hat. Especially with my little girl (and cousins, friends etc). Rainy days and holidays are what they are and kids get bored. That's good actually - I can blame the mess, sorry - creative stash - on my daughter. I need it for HER! YES!!!

I'm disorganised. I accept that. And admittedly a good clearout is good for the soul. But that's why I keep Movicol in my medicine cabinet and sticky back plastic in the craftroom. At least we have a room to craft in. Most people don't. It just needs a little TLC and I am waiting for the people in my life who I constantly chase round the house tidying up after, to offer ME a little help. Just an hour or two. That's all.

Wow, I've gone from someone with separation issues to someone who feels neglected by her husband and daughter. I need a hug!

Happy Crafting! Bernie X


Mary, Mary... said...

I feel your pain, except here it's the war of books vs. yarn(my knitting books don't count--they're research!)As for tidying up, I lost that battle a long time ago! Cheers!

Eleni said...

I haven't gotten to that point yet with my DH of him saying get rid of it, but lucky for me he has boxes from over 15 years ago he hasnt' even gone through! I'll send him to this post if he ever mentions it!