Friday, May 26, 2006

Hand-dyed Wool - DK Mohair

Look what Mr Postie brought today. Two skeins of hand-dyed DK wool. The colour is clementine. (Sounds like a knitters cocktail - all it needs is an umbrella)! I purchased them on e-bay for 1/2 price - I wish I could afford to buy a whole basket of the stuff, it's so pretty. This will be my first foray into working with hand dyed wool so I'll probably just stroke the skeins for a couple of weeks before plucking up the courage to make something. There's only about 200 yds so I will have to think carefully about what I make. I must look at KR and see what they recommend. Any suggestions?

Mr Postie also delivered a few accessories today. I got some size 7mm circs online as many of the free bag and tote patterns online seem to use this size and it's simply impossible to buy large circs in our local knit shop. I also got myself a counter for the larger needles in my life - I just need to remember to turn the numbers every time I complete a row/round. Is there a gadget to remind you to do that? The handles were also a bargain so I couldn't resist. I will probably cover them as I am not too keen on the colour. We'll see.

Lastly, a token pic of mademoiselle Jade relaxing yet again on my bed. I wish I could get a good picture of her as her fur is the most amazing colour. She is every shade of black/brown to orange and white. I don't know about other cat owners out there but I brush Jade nearly every day and she still sheds as much as our long haired persian used to. I wonder, can you knit with cat hair? Lol - Yeuck.


Sharon said...

That is lovely yarn, clementine very nice name.

I have to show my ignorance here, how many metres is 200yards? What weight and ply, is there enough for socks?

Jade is sooooo cute, what a gorgeous looking cat.

craftybernie said...

I believe it's DK, not sure what ply.

200 yards is 182.88 meters.

I was told by the seller that 50yards would make a pair of her fingerless glove thingies so maybe that is an indication of how far the wool will go.

Jade will be sooooo happy - you're the first to comment on her.


Barbee' said...

Happy New Year, Bernie!
I appreciate your message letting me know this post of yours is back up. I came right along to check it out. Jade is lovely as ever, and looking very intent on what you are doing. Wouldn’t we love to know what she is thinking!

I know almost nothing about cameras, but I wonder if the very light color of the bed cover reflected so much light it caused the thing-a-ma-jig inside the camera to close down some thereby not giving enough light to the subject (Jade) and making her too dark. Being a cat person myself, I realize there isn’t much you can do about that! She will lie where she pleases and if you try to “put” her some place you want her to be, there is no way she will stay put. So, good luck with getting a better photo of the subtle loveliness of her coat, however, some of your other snaps are very good, I think. :)