Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Romantic Ruffles - Felted Bag

Lately, I've spent hours playing on the internet while I waited for my felted bags to dry out. It's amazing how quickly time passes online. It's like a timewarp: I tell Mr CB that I am logging on for only 1/2 an hour and three days later I emerge from a fog of HTML, my eyes literally falling out of my head and none the wiser about what I logged on for in the first place!

Anyway, here are a couple of felted bags that I made last week using four strands of 3 ply wool. It's from a stash I found at the local charity shop which, naturally, I purchased for a bargain. The labels on the wool are really old looking but the wool is fine. It's called Lister Lavenda Three Ply Knitting 100% pure wool one ounce balls.

I knitted both bags on size 10 needles. The first bag (including the cord) used up 7 balls of the red. It knitted up very loosely and felted absolutely beautifully!

For the body of the second bag I used two strands of the burgundy 3 ply wool mixed with some Sirdar Stampata Super Chunky wool that I had in my stash. I knitted the base and the frill edge in four strands of the burgundy 3 ply. The second bag didn't shrink as much because of the Chunky wool, but it still looks pretty cool, and the acrylic yarn in the Stampata pops out a bit. Nice texture. It made a nice skirt too for Young Miss CB before it was felted!

The pattern for this bag can be found at Kraemeryarns.

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