Thursday, June 01, 2006

Sirdar Double Boucle Wool

L@@k what came in the post today...
15 balls of Sirdar Boucle.
The wool is old but at least it's clean;
I got it cheap & I know I sound mean,
But for just £3, I got the lot.
All 1 ounce balls, resistant to moths.
I wonder if this wool will felt?
95% is the wool content.
If it doesn't, well, I really don't care -
I'm feeding my addiction

'cause I knit like a hare!

by Craftybernie, 2006


Sharon said...

Keep feeding that addiction. 'Knit like a hare' I like that!!

craftybernie said...

It's true. I do knit quite fast. Since I started knitting on Circ. needles (both in rounds and back & forth I've gotten even faster)!

It's a sad day when wool inspires poetry (or rhyming nonsense).

Thanks for visiting again!!! Still lovin' your new web page.