Monday, June 12, 2006

Did I mention it's hot here?

The TT Races are finished for this year although I didn't watch a single one. This year has been the hottest TT since it started nearly 100 years ago, and the last thing I wanted was to stand by the sidelines baking slowly in the sun, unlike Mr Craftybernie. However, it has been a lovely week off for the kids. The paddling pool had a good bashing and we built and destroyed and built again, one den after another.

Did I mention it's hot here? Mr CB is living proof of what can happen when you stay in the sun too long, without suncream. A word of caution to you guys out there: "holding the race programme over your head for the duration does not constitute safe sun behaviour!"

When Mr CB returned from his spectating, I was in the den with miss CB and we could see that he was glowing brightly, like a beacon. The next day he put suncream on and his face actually looked a sight. I've never seen anthing like it. Unfortunately the colour of the suncream is blue and when you add that to a red face, what do you get? (Red + Blue = Purple)! Then the peeling started. Although, I've never seen peeling like it. The skin was coming off in chunks. He's over the worst now and I hope he has learnt his lesson.

The kids are back to school tomorrow, hurray. Then not long until they break up for the summer. God help us if it's as hot as it has been this past week.



Sharon said...

Okay I will show my ignorance here, what are TT races??

"ouch" I can feel Mr craftys pain, as a fair skin freckled person I have had my fair share of sunburn experiences.

It is absolutely freezing down here let me tell you!!

craftybernie said...

Forgot about the weather on the other side of the world! The TT (Tourist Trophy Races) is the world's greatest motorcycle road racing series, allegedly! The TT is on for two weeks every ear (1st week for practice & 2nd week for the actual races). If you're not into bikes, you can still enjoy the wonderful atmosphere - the island's population swells by more than 50% and it's a real indication that summer has arrived. Competitors are local & international and there are different levels of races (small bikes, big bikes and sidecars - you can tell I understand bikes really well!).

craftybernie said...

If you're really interested (?) there's a link to the official 'TT race website' in my sidebar.