Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finished Projects

My Felted Bags Gallery on Photobucket

I've been a busy little lady these past couple of months as many of you will know. From knitting to blog hacking, my brain is working in overtime!

This weekend was no exception as I raced to finish off a couple of projects and start some new ones. The link above should take you to the bags that I have finished to date.

I have also FINALLY cast on my B4 Bag in turquoise wool. If you click on the B4 Bag link you can see a picture of the original bag and information on how to get a copy of the pattern, if it turns you on! You can also follow my progress here on the B4 Bag KAL.

I must apologise for the quantity of links in this post. I am still trying to figure out how to manage my own blog and the information & pictures that I have to post in the KALs as updates. As I am short on time today I thought this would be the most efficient way to do it and at least if you want to have a peek at the links you are more than welcome.

Do feel free to leave any comments and I will always reciprocate (eventually).


Piglottie said...

You have been busy Bernie, and they're all looking great. I love the 3rd along on the bottom, your own design - any chance you will be posting the patterns or offering them for sale? Love the design as its so simple yet so chic. Also, have you had any luck with the Natural Dye Studio? I need to speak with them further as I'm worried about the sock yarn I've bought from them and if its going to change colour! Not good.

craftybernie said...

Hey there - Thanks for the feedback. I need to tidy up a few things on the red bag before I make the pattern available. I was thinking of making a few patterns available to sell (eventually) but once I am happy with the 'red bag' pattern (and you are better) perhaps you could test knit it for me???

craftybernie said...

Regarding the Natural Dye Studio - I have been pondering what to do and I have decided to just send a straightforward e-mail stating what happened and leave it to them to reply. I think they've covered themselves though as I was on their site again looking at info regarding their wools, and this is what I found:

on aftercare for yarn it states:-"Everything we dye is hand washable, we suggest you use a gentle washing-up liquid such as ecover (washing powders often contain ingredients that may affect the colours) wash in hand hot water."

I would interpret this as NOT to use normal washing detergent/soap and NOT to wash at high temperature.

However, they also state:-
"You may find some colour comes out in the wash, don't be alarmed this will not affect surrounding colours and any colour change will be minimal".

I guess this means that if you only wash in hand hot water you will experience minimal colour change, not fly off the colour spectrum as we did!!!

I have not found anything on the site about recommendations (or not) for using her wool for felting. One would assume that any 100% wool would be safe to felt but I think it must be an exception with this studio. I'll let you know what happens....

Piglottie said...

Hi Bernie - I would love to test knit your bag. Only 3 more weeks til knitting can be resumed again. Re: Natural Dye Studio - the main problem I have is that I specifically emailed them to see if the yarn (BFL) was suitable for felting and they said it was excellent, no warnings. Their excuse is that they were inexperienced re: felting but my argument (apart from a ruined bag) is that their listings for BFL (which a lot of felters would go for) still do not say anything about colour change etc. I'm still waiting for a reply re: how to wash the sock yarn as will this change colour if washed in soap powder. Just very disappointed as I love their colours, but am not very happy with their response. Hope you have more luck!

PS: Love the buttons, shall put it on my site. Any advice on how to make one please? If you don't want to leave a comment, you can email me at piglottie AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk