Thursday, June 29, 2006

Natural Dye Studio - Self Explanatory!

Here's the mail I sent to Natural Dye studio yesterday:

I purchased 2 skeins of hand dyed wool/mohair DK Clementine on 23 May 2006. The Item No is 8285887406. I would like to report that although the bag felted beautifully (and the mohair creates a nice loopy texture) I am very unhappy with the colour. It's a nice colour but it doesn't exactly go with my project - a summery yellow/orange mix!

I can't find anything on your site which says not to felt with this wool as it will cause EXTREME colour changes. Perhaps this is something you need to mention on your site. I would also like to add that I am not the only customer who has had this experience/surprise.

There is a pic of the bag here for you to see how the wool turned purple/pink. I am not asking for any compensation or any replacement product but I think it's worth pointing out that the Natural Dyes will react to felting!

Many thanks.Bernadette Bevan

And the Reply:

Hi Bernadette

Thanks for your mail.
I am sorry you are disappointed.
I have only recently begun to felt my wool and discovered that the colours sometimes change.
I think this is due to the chemicals in washing powders, I use fairy snow in my washing machine, but suspect other powders have a similar affect.
I have got a section of felting wool in my ebay shop and have included photos of felted swatches in all the listings so our customers can see the changes before they buy.
I will be adding a FAQ page to my website and ebay shop which will have the colour change information on it.
I hope this helps.

Best wishes


Piglottie said...

Hmmmm. Just a few gripes really (sorry to go on Bernie - still smarting from the French market bag fiasco!). Firstly, if they are inexperienced with felting their wool they should not recommend it as "excellent for felting" when asked (by moi!). Secondly, they do not have any info on the BFL or other pure wool yarns about colour changing if felting, which I think they should as this yarn will appeal to felters and I wouldn't normally think I would need to read up on a yarn to see if it is going to change from red, to say, um, vivid purple. And finally, (yes I do shut up eventually LOL!) I do think they should offer some form of compensation as it is their error after all. Nuf said. Am off to Woolfest to drool over delicious yarn! Hope your PMT eases - eat lots of chocolate. And count me in with the blog info idea.

craftybernie said...

Did they send you an e-mail saying it would be ok to felt with? If not, then I'm not sure what else to suggest.

Do you think they'll be at Woolfest or am I just reaching? Maybe if there's a similar natural wool dyer at Woolfest, you could discuss the felting issue with them, see what they say to expect when felting with their wool, and take your covertly gathered information back to NDS and raise some hell!

I must admit, the wool did felt beautifully on my summer bag. Shame about the colour.

You're on my list for the Blog Info. Will update you soon.