Thursday, June 15, 2006

New Look & Blog Resources (updated 1/8/06)

I've spent a lot of time on-line over the past fortnight or so, trying to learn some basic CSS and HTML in order to improve the look of my Blog. Thankfully the hard work has paid off. I think I have finally gotten to grips with how cascading style sheets are created & how to modify the various sections to personalise my blog. Although I am not a Graphic Designer nor a Computer Programmer, the experience has been fun (although at times exhausting).

I am happy to say that I have achieved my goal which was to implement a 3 column template to try and better organise my links etc and I am quite pleased with the result so far. The formatting just needs some final tweaking which I can now work on at my leisure. I read somewhere that you shouldn't publish a work in progress - or a draft - but I think that the blog is at a point now where it is functional.

Following my experiences, I would like to share some very useful resources which could help you to make some simple modifications to your own blog should you wish. These sites are also worth a visit just to use them as a portal to other interesting and useful sites.

The first site I want to acknowledge is Pam Blackstone's website, Random Bytes, where I found detailed instructions on how to change the Blogger 'Minima' template into a 3 column template. This site has dozens of useful information and links to web resources which anyone from a beginner to a more advanced user will benefit from.

In addition, the Blogger Help Group is an invaluable site, where you can post questions and ask for help regarding Blogger related stuff. One final mention is BloggerTricks which is another great place for blogger tips and tricks. Drop by if you get a chance.

Now, where's my Oscar?

UPDATE: 1 Aug 2006: I set up a webring called 'Knit1BlogToo' for knitting bloggers. Even if you don't knit it's worth taking a look as there are lots of useful links to templates, backgrounds etc... All to tart up your blog!


Sharon said...

You are a brave woman, I still get the shakes when I add a simple button to my sidebar!!

craftybernie said...

There are some great tips for creating a backup of your blog, just in case. At least when you put links and buttons in it won't be such a scary operation.

Regarding the revamp, it was VERY time consuming and not terribly easy. Mr CB has not been happy with me this past couple of weeks -I have spent so much time online trying to understand how the templates work.

I still love your blog though - the colours and style are fab.

Sharon said...

Thanks Bernie, I too love my new look blog. Thanks to the lovely Michelle, I could never have achieved it myself.

craftybernie said...

I had a look at Michelle's site. She has some lovely templates/layouts. I like her use of colours.

Laura said...

I love the 3 columns and I know just what you mean about the process of re-designing your web page and it's resultant exhaustion. I re-did mine but still haven't tackled the 3 columns, which I'd really like....take a look and tell me what you think?