Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Backyard Leaves Scarf by Annie Modesitt

I've fallen in love with the Backyard Leaves Scarf by Annie Modesitt. Once again I have found the nicest thing as I stumbled around the blogsphere during my daily bloghop. This scarf is featured in a book called 'Scarf Style' by Pam Allen, which I so have to get. I'm putting it on my wish list at Amazon now (Mr CB I hope you're watching!)

I am officially declaring my love for Annie's work. The beautiful garments she creates are so elegant, sexy, wearable and inspirational. Obviously being a plus size one would question why in God's name I would admire something like her 'lores egyptian dress' but I can still love it from afar.

I've posted some links below to other knitters' pictures of their finished Backyard Leaves scarves. Enjoy!

Blackdogknits : ElizabethKlett : MsKnits

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Sharon said...

That is lovely, can't wait to see it's progress.

Your post really ties in with the former discussions about blogs. This is what the person over at KR reviews forum didn't obviously see that this is a great way to see what other bloggers/knitters do with the same pattern and influences future projects for many of us (I am loving the B4 bag, which may have remained unknown to me if it weren't for you and your blog).