Thursday, July 20, 2006

KnitWhits - online knitting & crochet pattern shop

I never thought I had a particular style when it came to knitting. I'm too new at this and I've simply been going with the flow and working on things that appeal to me as I discover them.

However, I'm beginning to see a pattern develop. One thing that has become fairly obvious is that I have a developed an appetite to work with colours (up til last week there was nothing but red and turquoise wool in my stash!).

Perhaps there's some deep rooted subconscious reason for this. I wonder how I can find out... hmmm! Maybe there's one of those mini poll thingies where you can input your favourite pieces by a favourite designer and/or the colours you like to work with and voila, out pops a definitioin of who you are, what you like and why you are that way!

Anyway, enough rambling.

Today I came across the online shop 'knitwhits', which was featured in the latest KR newsletter. Their designs are fabulous and eclectic and bright and wonderful. They also ship worldwide by the looks of things and their prices aren't too expensive. Might be fun to get a kit from them if you're just starting out knitting, crocheting and felting. They have some lovely kits for felted flowers too. Yum!

Knit long and prosper!

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