Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ok, I found the camera...

... now where's the darn cable to upload piccies to the net? What is it with stuff? I can never find what I need. And when I do find it I put it down somewhere and then I can never find it when I need it! Doh!

I used to be a very organised person, almost anal about the whole thing. Now I've turned into my husband and it's rubbing off on Lttle Miss CB. So the house is a tip, I don't know where to start and things just keep getting put on the long finger.

And what is it with cable needles, crochet hooks and pencils. Is there a needle/pencil gremlin down the side of the sofa calling 'come to me', 'hide here', 'let's get the beehotch'? D'ya think I can blame it on some unhappy leprechauns hiding behind the sofas? Perhaps I didn't say hello to the fairies (sorry, little people), when we went over the fairy bridge last time.

Maybe it's just too hard to admit that I'm a messy cow! Bleugh! I'm off to knit.

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