Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Knitting Bag: Sassy Yarn Bag

May I introduce you to the prettiest knitting bag I have found (so far). I absolutely love the colours on this funky bag which BTW is called the 'Sassy Yarn Bag'.

The downside? In the UK, the bag is priced at £25 but in the US, the bag is priced at $18.74. That must be about 1/2 price in the US. Doh!

Here's a couple of shops where you can get it: JustAMemory.co.uk and joann.com.


AR said...

Yeah, I like that bag. Cool. Bright colors get me every time.

Anonymous said...

That bag is cute! Hmm, think I have a JoAnn's 50% off coupon. And 25 pounds?! That's more like $50, which is crazy!